Our Technology 

The Timilon® patented technology was designed to safely and effectively neutralize harmful pollutants without releasing anything back into your environment.

Timilon’s patented technology is based around environmentally safe advanced high surface area metal oxide powders, granules, and suspensions that exhibit unique chemical reactivity characteristics.  The primary performance capability of the high surface area metal oxide powders is to, destroy, neutralize, eliminate, and/or protect against a wide variety of toxic chemicals, noxious odors, and biological hazards.  The materials work by adsorbing and reacting with the chemical targets to create environmentally safe or bound byproducts through a process called “adsorptive neutralization.” 


The materials are produced through processes that yields high surface areas and greater porosity than conventional metal oxides powders or granules.  Specifically, the molecular structure allows for higher chemical reaction and faster binding affinity to agents (chemicals, pollutants, etc.) on surfaces or in the air. This structure enables the materials to absorb the substance into the pore space by contact with unsaturated atoms/ions on the corners and edges of the crystal lattice of the metal oxide powder or granule.

Our Earth Mineral Technology 


Our products use one or more of our earth minerals as the primary active ingredient(s)

  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide

We have taken these simple earth minerals and used a patented process to enhance their natural reactive chemistry. 


Our products never contain fillers or fragrances. We never dope our materials with harmful chemicals. They are just as safe today as if we took them straight from the earth. 


We care about our products’ quality, and we are confident that they will make a huge impact on your indoor environment. Our products have undergone extensive third-party testing and validation for efficacy by the following laboratories:

  • OPCW
  • Battelle Memorial 
  • Lloyd’s Register
  • ECBC
  • Intertek Lab

Key Markets

Air Filtration

We believe that the quality of the air we breathe is of the upmost importance. We have dedicated years to improving indoor air quality with solutions that fit the unique needs of our Customers.

Commercial & Residential Deodorizers

We have completely changed the game of deodorization. With our broad-spectrum adsorptive neutralization material, our Customers are able to combat the everyday odors, as well as the unexpected, with one product.

Chemical Contaminant & Decontamination

Our NanoActive® Technologies were originally commissioned by the United States military and developed for chemical warfare neutralization. Our products are effective at removing and neutralizing a broad-spectrum of chemical contaminants.

Engineered Solutions

We know that the needs of our Customers are often unique. That is why we are committed to constantly innovating our products and creating engineered solutions to address our Customers’ custom needs.

Testing and Certification


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