Engineered solutions

Tailoring advanced solutions to diverse industry health and safety needs

Helping you Through Tailored Solutions

Through our Engineered Solutions Program, we can work with you to understand the specific needs of your organization in order to design, plan, test, and implement a tailored solution for your application, utilizing our patented technology in the best applicable way for you.

Through leading-edge engineering and technical expertise, we can design a solution that addresses a variety of concerns that your organization may seek to address.

Works against a broad spectrum of chemistries, pathogens, and pollutants

Can be used in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions

Is flexible and diverse in its delivery mechanisms and applications


We have worked with a variety of Customers, from industrial to residential, to mitigate chemical pollution, toxic emissions, and large-scale air quality concerns, customizing the approach for each individual.

Our team is here to access your unique application needs and engineer the appropriate solution for you.

Gaseous chemical pollution

Fugitive toxic emissions

Surface chemical decontamination

Large-scale air quality control

Custom air filtration

Who we Serve

  • Manufacturing & processing centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential developments

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