Indoor Air Quality

Bringing industries effortless clean air through advanced filtration solutions

Safeguarding what we do the most – breathe

Breathing is what we do most – and it is our mission to ensure that every indoor environment is equipped to provide safe, clean air for every breath. Through our trusted filtration solutions, powered by advanced science, we eliminate harmful contaminants in the air, so you can focus on healthy living in the places you live, learn, work, and play in.

How we do it

Though diverse in their applications, our filtration solutions have one thing in common – our FAST-ACT technology. Embedded within the filter media, our metal-oxide science provides the capabilities to not only capture, but neutralize and destroy toxic chemicals, pathogens, odors, and environmental pollutants in the air. Our patented process, validated in the lab and the real world, is what sets us above industry standards, giving indoor spaces the ability to eliminate airborne risks for good.

Key benefits of FAST-ACT for IAQ

Capable of broad spectrum contaminant removal

Third-party validated for 99.9% effectiveness

Compliant with national IAQ standards

Non-toxic and safe for all environments

Revolutionizing air quality management
for industries

We believe in ‘measuring what you manage’, which is why we approach indoor air quality management differently than most. Our tailored solutions utilize advanced filtration science, robust data collection, and intelligent operational capabilities to Detect, Correct, and Reflect on indoor air quality conditions in buildings, buses, and beyond, to ensure better indoor health and safety. We empower industries and individuals to not only improve their air quality, but understand how it impacts building sustainability, occupant wellness, and standard compliance.

Our tailored solutions for better IAQ

Our indoor air quality solutions tailor to a wide range of needs, from HVAC filtration to portable air cleaning to indoor air quality monitoring and analysis. Our team of experts work with industries and individuals alike to understand their unique air quality needs and provide the right solutions and recommendations to enhance their everyday health and safety, whether in a building, on a bus, or at home.

  • SMART Science IAQ Management

    Our advanced concept of Sustainability Managed Air Regulating Technology, or SMART, Science utilizes patented filtration science, driven by advanced IoT, AI, and ML capabilities, to autonomously detect indoor conditions, correct airborne risks, and reflect on indoor air quality data in a variety of indoor environments.

  • IAQ Monitoring

    Gain knowledge on the quality of your indoor spaces through active data collection and transparency with our SMART IAQ monitoring devices. Through precise measurement of key indoor conditions, understand the health of your environment for national standard compliance and informed decision-making.

  • Advanced Air Purification

    Our collection of advanced air purification solutions integrate seamlessly within new and existing infrastructure, promising exceptional results for indoor air quality improvement through extensively validated and widely trusted technology, found in schools, medical facilities, municipalities, and homes worldwide.

  • HVAC Filtration

    We elevate HVAC filtration with our patented FAST-ACT technology, giving any building the power to capture and neutralize airborne contaminants beyond the capabilities of traditional filtration. Customizable to various HVAC and building requirements, our HVAC solutions provide enhanced clean air protection for indoor environments.

Who we Serve

  • K-12 & Higher learning
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial facilities
  • Residential


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