Creating healthier spaces through proven solutions


Timilon Corporation is reshaping the way the world manages healthy, safe environments, all through one advanced, patented technology that powers limitless possibilities of improvement where it matters most – from the front line to the workplace to your home.

Transforming industries, one solution at a time

  • Chemical decontamination

    Dedicated to advancing rapid and effective responses to CBRNE incidents, our FAST-ACT solutions empower first responders and organizations to safeguard lives and the environment from chemical threats through trusted solutions. Learn More

  • Indoor air quality

    Through our trusted SMART filtration solutions, powered by advanced science and driven by intelligent technology, we detect and eliminate harmful contaminants in the air, so you can focus on healthy living in the places you live, learn, work, and play in. Learn more.

  • Engineered solutions

    Our standard offerings in air filtration and chemical decontamination can be adapted or scaled to a range of projects that safeguard people, equipment, and environments from a broad scope of pollution and chemicals, while meeting ever-changing industry requirements. Learn More.

  • Consumer packaged goods

    From the clothes you wear to the surfaces you touch, and every mess, smell, or spill in between, Timilon manufactures a variety of non-toxic laundry and cleaning products for safer, cleaner alternatives to everyday essentials. Learn more.

The FAST-ACT technology behind our belief

We aren’t all talk. Through decades of extensive science and research, Timilon has created an ultra-powerful technology to back our belief that we shouldn’t live in a world threatened by toxics and contaminants. Built through safe metal oxides enhanced to capture and neutralize toxic elements from a multitude of every day sources, we created our FAST-ACT technology.

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Extensively tested for exceptional results

We have left a lasting positive impact on countless industries and individuals through our approach to eliminating toxics, but it wouldn’t be possible without our substantial portfolio of third-party and real-world validation to back the efficacy of our solutions. Trusted by many, we continuously strive to prove our approach through exceptional results.


Our family of brands

Timilon’s evergreen mission lives through its tailored, Customer-driven solutions, identifying markets and strategic industry partners who can benefit from our patented technology. Explore our unique family of quality, US-made brands below.

Trusted by those who know best

From our valued Customers to our dedicated corporate partners, Timilon has fostered a vast community, worldwide, of people who trust in the safety and effectiveness of our products and practices. This trust is what inspires us to continuously ensure we deliver the utmost quality goods and services to others.