NanoActive Availability

Standard NanoActive® Material offerings include: NanoActive Magnesium Oxide, Titanium Oxide, and Zinc Oxide. Customers interested in other offerings, such as Aluminum, Calcium, or Cerium should Contact Us for a quotation and lead time.

In addition to offering NanoActive Materials as a standard powder, we also have the capability to address Customer’s specific requirements through custom-ordered granules and suspensions.

NanoActive-G materials are granulated high surface area nanocrystalline metal oxides. These granules retain the high surface area and enhanced chemical reactivity exhibited by the powder forms of these materials. Produced using a variety of proprietary processes that provide increased bulk densities and improved handling characteristics, these granules are well suited to a variety of applications. NanoActive-G materials are offered in a standard 16-35 mesh size; however, larger or smaller granules are available upon request.

Granulating our standard powders enables Customers to adjust densities and flow characteristics without compromising the enhanced chemical reactivity. Listed below are the typical properties of NanoActive-G products compared to their powder forms.

Typical Properties: (when compared to the powder form)

  • Approximately 80% specific surface area retained
  • Pore volume approximately 80% retained
  • Pore diameter unchanged
  • Increased apparent density

Advantages of granulating our NanoActive Materials may include: controllable flow characteristics; densification without reduced performance; improved handling characteristics; reduced volume of material; customized granule size, volume, and weight; stabilized mixtures of multiple components; and reduced dust.

Suspensions of our NanoActive Materials in water or other carrier fluids (12-15% by weight NanoActive Materials) are also available on a custom-order basis. NanoScale utilizes various proprietary dispersion techniques to incorporate its high surface area metal oxides into a wide range of liquids enabling users to take advantage of the enhanced chemical reactivity in a uniform suspension. Dispersing these powders enables Customers to adjust densities and flow characteristics without compromising the enhanced chemical reactivity.

In addition to the aqueous based NanoActive-S metal oxides, our materials can be dispersed into a wide variety of carrier fluids including: organic solvents, glycols, polymers and even oils at various weight percentages.

Application areas include:

  • Catalysis
  • Coatings
  • Cosmetics
  • Polishing
  • Transparent UV Attenuation


  • Reduced particle size
  • Increased fluid stability
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • Uniform dispersions
  • Optimal for spray applications
  • Numerous solvent options
  • Reduced dust