NanoActive® Technology

NanoActive metal oxides are a proprietary line of materials with synthesis methods designed to enhance adsorption kinetics, chemical reactivity, and safety of nanocrystalline forms of earth minerals for the destruction of toxic and noxious materials, including air and water pollutants, hazardous chemicals, biological organisms, odors and chemical warfare agents.

Some unique properties of the technology that allow for extraordinary chemical reactivity include:

  • High porosity
  • Small crystalline sizes
  • Large surface areas
  • Unique morphologies

The advanced nanomaterials are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe. The materials exhibit the unique and important reactivity characteristics of nanomaterials without the concerns and perceived risks often associated with nanoparticles. The materials are commercially available in a variety of forms to match specific application requirements- powders, dry and liquid sprays, emulsions, aggregates, and mixtures.

NanoActive metal oxides have been proven safe through oral, pulmonary, ocular, and dermal toxicology testing. NanoActive metal oxides were evaluated for toxicity by the USACHPPM (Unites States Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine) Directorate of Toxicology and MPI Research. The tests followed Environmental Protection Agency protocols and included acute oral toxicity, skin irritation, skin sensitization, eye irritation, and inhalation.