Existing Applications

NanoActive materials serve a number of thriving and innovative applications. Their superior capabilities make them prime resources for a variety of applications where chemical activity is critical. Timilon’s technology has been used in applications for agencies such as the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Institute of Health. Timilon actively pursues relationships with manufacturing companies, laboratories, processing plants, health care providers, and government agencies  to generate long-term revenue opportunities.

NanoActive materials provide solutions to a number of markets including but not limited to:

Environmental Remediation
  • Air and water filtration media and devices
  • Phenol removal from waste water
  • Production of dielectric and piezoelectric components
  • Nano-structured titanate ceramics are used to produce high-quality dielectric capacitors
  • Commonly found in electronic devices, including computers, cell phones, and automobile components
Catalysts and Catalyst Supports
  • Markets for newer types of nanocatalysts are growing faster than the established catalysts markets
Desulphurization of Petroleum and Natural Gas Processes
  • Reduction of sulfur contaminates in gas streams using high surface area materials with greater performance over conventional materials