Engineered Solutions 

Timilon’s Custom Engineered solutions deliver our NanoActive Technology in various ways for unique applications where Customers need to address a specific chemical or pollution challenge.

Timilon’s technology works on a principle called “adsorptive neutralization,” which yields high efficiency and efficacy towards various chemistries. Our team’s goal is to identify the best way to deliver our technology to achieve the desired outcome.

Since our products work through a variety of mechanisms and are not limited to one functional pathway:

  • Work against a broad spectrum of chemistries
  • It can be used in a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Flexibility and diversity of delivery mechanisms and applications.
Vent Treatment
  • Removal of chemicals from vent lines
  • Removal of toxic and noxious vapors from loading bays, vent stacks
  • Decontamination of a variety of chemicals from chemical holding tanks and shipping containers.
  • Gas Scrubbing using fixed bed granule filtration (and combination liquid injection) for the removal of chemicals from gas streams
On-Site Air Quality
  • Removal of chemical pollutants occupied spaced and fugitive emissions
Water Treatment
  • Removal of hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, and sulfuric acid from reactor tanks containing treated caustic waste from industrial sites
  • Removal of phenols and other contaminants from liquid waste streams
  • Removal of hydrogen sulfide vapors from skimmer tanks that are treating production water


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