April 26, 2013

Timilon Technology Acquisitions LLC (“Timilon™”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of key commercial production and intellectual property assets which include the acclaimed and world-recognized NanoActive® technology platform.

This technology platform, along with the specialty chemical line that shares the same NanoActive name, is behind well-known products such as OdorKlenz®, FAST-ACT®, and ChemKlenz®.  Timilon will continue to provide these products and serve existing and new commercial markets:

  • OdorKlenz branded products for the elimination and prevention of noxious odors and chemicals in indoor air quality applications.
  • FAST-ACT branded products for chemical hazard containment and neutralization in military, HAZMAT, and emergency first responder markets.
  • ChemKlenz branded products for chemical hazard safety in environmental health & safety markets, including laboratories, hospitals, industrial facilities, and remediation services organizations.