Senior Living & Nursing Homes

Senior Living/ Nursing Homes/ Health Clinics

There comes a point in most everyone’s life when they will have to go into a senior living or nursing home facility as they reach a certain age, and with the growing need of this industry more and more of these businesses are being built throughout the United States. These long-term care services include board and care homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities. Typically, these facilities offer a safe place for those to stay that need aid and/or supervision from medical personnel that supports them through the day-to-day, i.e. making sure medicine is being taken, feeding them, etc.

Senior living and care facilities have seen a substantial growth that has led to many innovative product offerings that are now being implemented into this industry, including air quality solutions to help mitigate hazardous and noxious airborne chemicals and odors in the indoor air of these facilities. The indoor air quality within these industries businesses can have a significant impact on the residents of these senior living environments who are susceptible to many different environmental factors that can disrupt their health. Therefore, the rise of air quality solutions in senior living and nursing homes has skyrocketed in recent years, to help combat and create an ambient environment for the residents of these communities.

Health and Safety in Nursing Homes

Nursing home and other assisted living facilities have been designated strict regulations on the health and safety on their residents, and one of these important factors is maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the residents to reside within – with air quality among one of the major concerns. Extensive research and testing have been conducted within the last few years that demonstrate the importance of having quality air in the facility to minimize health risks to elderly residents.

In a study conducted by the European Respiratory Journal found that poor indoor air quality in nursing homes has serious effects on the lung health of the elderly residents within this indoor space. Researchers in this study collected data on five indoor air pollutants in the indoor space that were compromising the indoor air quality – PM10, PM0.1, formaldehyde, NO2, and O3. These airborne pollutants can be produced from a number of things including heaters, building materials, furniture, cleaning objects and disinfectants.

Indoor Air Quality Regulations in Nursing Homes

Maintaining ideal indoor air quality conditions in a long-term care facility like nursing homes is a serious and yet complicated business. In these facilities, however, it is necessary to meet air quality regulations due the significant impact air pollution has on older adults with more susceptible immune systems. Polluted indoor air is typically composed of a cocktail of hazardous ingredients such as chemical compounds, noxious odors, allergens, and other fine particulate matter that can impact the environment and those exposed. These different types of pollution matter can all be present in nursing homes, where there are a variety of sources that can contribute to this airborne pollution in the airspace such as cleaning products, cooking emissions, and even odors caused by the residents such as urine from incontinence issues.

Nursing Home Air Quality Conditions

It has become increasingly important for buildings to ensure their indoor air pollution levels do not reach dangerous levels that can impact those individuals and residents exposed to these hazardous levels indoors – especially older adults with compromised immune systems. Traditionally, many of these senior living facilities utilized ozone air machines to aid in the reduction of airborne pollutants and odorous compounds in the air of this indoor environment, but these ozone machines may produce elevated levels of ozone into the air that can be potentially hazardous to human health. In addition, with recent studies and alarming health concerns, turning to an alternative form of air purification may be necessary in these challenging environments.

OdorKlenz® Engineered Assisted Living Commercial Air Filters & Purifiers


The OdorKlenz® engineered commercial air filter and purification product offerings are effective for odor control and mitigation and neutralization of chemical compounds in the air, as they are easily integrated into air handling systems and placed as stand-alone units in senior living facilities. The proprietary OdorKlenz® materials consist of safe, earth minerals that allow for containment and neutralization of a broad spectrum of noxious and toxic chemicals and odors from an indoor environment. These proven and tested OdorKlenz® materials are highly efficient “adsorptive neutralizers” for chemicals making them not only competitively advantageous, but very commercially attractive.

The OdorKlenz-Air for HVAC Filter can simply be utilized in the central air system(s) for broad spectrum odor and chemical neutralization in the air, including particulate removal as well. These filters will last in the air handling system for up to 4 to 6 months, providing this industry a cost-effective air quality solution. In addition, the OdorKlenz Mobile Air Systems may also be utilized in these industries to work as stand-alone air filtration for smaller environments 1,000 sq. ft or smaller to rapidly filter the indoor air using the same OdorKlenz® materials in the system along with HEPA filtration for fine particulate removal.

OdorKlenz has been third-party tested by some of the leading laboratories around the world including Battelle Memorial Institute, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and others. In addition, the OdorKlenz technology has undergone extensive in-house testing against a broad spectrum of noxious and toxic chemicals and odors, including the OdorKlenz materials effectiveness in commercial industries for odor control.

Air for HVAC Filter

The OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge for HVAC systems eliminates pollutants, odors and corrosive gasses associated with indoor air quality problems without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents back into the environment. The cartridges install right into your system and treat the air as your system is running and begins to immediately improve indoor air quality the moment installed. 

Technology originally designed for chemical warfare decontamination

Patented Earth Mineral Technology works to attack the VOC and break down on a compound level.

Can be incorporated into an existing air handling system (HVAC) and configurations, or used in portable/mobile air filtration systems

No chemicals or masking agents

Will not release any chemicals back into your environment

Offers superior performance when compared to commercially available counterparts

Comes in a variety of custom sizes and depths