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Pet Groomers/Boarders/Clinics/Stores

The explosive growth of the pet industry – including pet grooming, boarding and doggy daycare facilities, vet clinics, and even pet stores, has increased drastically over the last couple of years as more and more households are adding pets into their home. The American Pet Products Association reported that nearly 85 million households have a pet and over the last three decades pet ownership has gone from 56 percent to 68 percent in households. This substantial growth of the pet industry can be attributed to Millennials and Generation Z that are more opt to pet-owning and pet-loving lifestyles to a greater extent than other generations.

In response to the advancements in the pet industry, more and more focus is being placed on providing pet-owners advanced service options for your pets including pet grooming, pet care, pet transportation, boarding and kennel facilities, and day-time doggy daycare. However, with the development of this popular industry there have been several issues at the forefront in these businesses including airborne allergens (pet dander) and odor control in the indoor environment of these facilities. Thus, there has been a significant importance placed on proper ventilation and air quality purification in these businesses, which has led to the production of odor control solutions for this booming pet industry.

Pet Dander and Odor Control

Pet groomer, boarding facilities, vet clinics, and pet stores experience heavy paw traffic with many pets in and out of the indoor environment. As each pet enters into the indoor environment, they will leave behind their distinct pet dander that will travel in the air and circulate throughout the environment, and sometimes they will even leave behind a dreaded odor! Pet groomers and pet grooming facilities, in particular, are constantly at odds with the elevated levels of pet dander that is within their indoor space, and if the groomers or pet owners have allergies to the different pet dander’s in the air it can lead to an unfavorable reaction in the environment.

In addition, veterinarian clinics and even boarding kennels will also deal with air quality problems in their businesses due to the secretion of pet bodily fluids, especially in a vet clinic where they deal with urine and feces samples, and they even deal with weary pets who become sick as they are being examined. These businesses are persistently at battle with fighting off these undesirable odors in their indoor space as it can be a major turn-off to Customers as they walk through the doors of the environment.

Pets and Indoor Air Quality

Pets can be one of the leading contributors to indoor air pollution in an indoor environment, with every scratch and lick they are releasing hair and skin cells (dander) into the environment that are classified as airborne allergens in the air. When pet dander and hair builds-up in the indoor environment it will significantly lower the overall air quality in the indoor space, whether it be a pet grooming business, doggy daycare, boarding facility, or veterinarian office.

Pet dander are defined as small, fine particulate matter that usually ranges in size from 2 to 3 microns in size, which if inhaled into the human body can potentially exacerbate and trigger asthma/allergy symptoms in those who suffer from these conditions. Imagine if you are in a pet facility that contains upwards to hundreds of dogs in its facility and the amount of pet dander pollutants present in the air, especially if this indoor facility does not house ventilation systems and air quality solutions within their space.

Dog Kennel Ventilation Systems

Installing proper ventilation systems in a dog kennel or any pet business is critical to maintaining a safe, healthy, and efficient environment for both the employees and the pets that are exposed to this indoor space for significant amounts of time. Poor indoor air quality has the potential to be detrimental to both the animals and facility employees, as they will be exposed to germs, bacteria, allergens, and noxious odors in the air of the space. Once an efficient air ventilation system has been placed in a dog kennel, grooming facility, or boarding/daycare operation, it will work to reduce unpleasant odors, airborne infections, and even work to improve the overall air quality in the indoor environment.

HVAC Requirements for Dog Kennels

When proper ventilation systems have been set-up and utilized throughout the pet facility, the next step to ensure proper air filtration in the facility to mitigate airborne pollutants, allergens, and noxious odors is to utilize HVAC filters that are capable of aiding in this removal process in the environment. Generally, most indoor facilities will look for cheaper, more affordable options that are easily replaced in the environment at a low cost. However, these HVAC filters will not meet the basic requirements needed to filter the air of a dog kennel or facility. Instead, finding an air filter that has an engineered solution for odor and pollutant mitigation including from those pollutants produced from pets is a must for creating a healthy, stable indoor environment for pets and workers.

OdorKlenz® Engineered Pet Odor Neutralizer Air Filters

OdorKlenz® engineered pet odor neutralizer air filters are an effective air filter that contains a proprietary technology that allows for containment and neutralization of broad spectrum of noxious and toxic chemicals and odors from indoor environments. The OdorKlenz® materials have proven to be highly efficient “adsorptive neutralizers” for chemicals making them not only competitively advantageous, but very commercially attractive. When OdorKlenz materials come into contact with harmful odor causing chemicals, the earth mineral metal oxides’ active sites first capture the chemical then initiate the neutralization process. OdorKlenz materials utilized in the OdorKlenz HVAC Filter are ideal for a variety of indoor airspaces, processing streams, and environments that harmful compounds are generated or present in such as businesses in the pet industry.

The OdorKlenz-Air for HVAC Filter can be easily installed into any air handling and ventilation system in a commercial facility, working efficiently to contain and remove noxious odors and chemicals from the air – lasting for up to 4 to 6 months. OdorKlenz product offerings and technology has been extensively tested by third party laboratories and in-house scientists that have determined the efficacy of the technology for odor and chemical removal and neutralization.

The testing graphs below represent the OdorKlenz® engineered technology’s effectiveness in comparison to other commercial grade air quality solutions.


Machines/Chemical Processes

Commercial Odor Filters

Air for HVAC Filter

The OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge for HVAC systems eliminates pollutants, odors and corrosive gasses associated with indoor air quality problems without releasing chemicals, fragrances, or masking agents back into the environment. The cartridges install right into your system and treat the air as your system is running and begins to immediately improve indoor air quality the moment installed. 

Technology originally designed for chemical warfare decontamination

Patented Earth Mineral Technology works to attack the VOC and break down on a compound level.

Can be incorporated into an existing air handling system (HVAC) and configurations, or used in portable/mobile air filtration systems

No chemicals or masking agents

Will not release any chemicals back into your environment

Offers superior performance when compared to commercially available counterparts

Comes in a variety of custom sizes and depths