Timilon Corporation

is an Innovative and Rapidly Growing Company Focused on the Development and Commercialization of our Proprietary Nanochemistry Technologies and Materials.

Timilon Corporation

Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, Timilon Corporation (Timilon) is focused on the commercialization and development of proprietary and advanced materials for the neutralization of toxic and noxious chemicals and odors.

Timilon integrates technologies into Customer-driven applications for well-defined and significant markets.  The NanoActive® technology platform has over $30 million invested in the development of “adsorptive neutralization” materials.  This technology is behind several established products and is currently being expanded into new markets.

Timilon identifies markets and industry partners who can benefit from its patented technologies and integrate them into Customer-driven solutions for high-value applications through joint development, product supply, or technology licensing.  Timilon’s intellectual property portfolio includes over twenty issued U.S. patents and corresponding international patents with additional U.S. and international patents filed and pending.  These patents encompass synthesis, production, devices, and application of advanced materials.

The technology is based around environmentally safe advanced high surface area metal oxide powders that exhibit unique chemical reactivity characteristics.  The primary performance capability of the materials is to, destroy, neutralize, eliminate, and/or protect against a wide variety of toxic chemicals, noxious odors, and biological hazards.  The materials work by adsorbing and reacting with the chemical and/or biological targets to create environmentally safe byproducts through an “adsorptive neutralization” process.

This technology is used in several existing and new markets.  A key market that will benefit from expanded use of Timilon’s technology is Indoor Air Quality.  There exists an unfulfilled and compelling market need for safe, effective, and environmentally benign technology that removes noxious odors and hazardous chemicals from indoor air without adding other volatile chemicals. Many people are already sensitive to their surroundings and restoring the quality and comfort to indoor air is a growing concern.  Market trends like increasing awareness and incidence of chemical sensitivity in the general population along with a significant public awareness and consumer demand for safer environments is driving cultural change and creating a willingness to use alternative, sustainable, and green practices.

Timilon’s technology, through its “adsorptive neutralization” capabilities against a wide range of toxic and noxious chemicals will significantly impact multiple markets.  The products range from the OdorKlenz® family of products that tackle more common odor occurrences like sports, pets, laundry, disaster restoration; the EnviroKlenz® system to eliminate indoor environmental sensitivity triggers in air and on surfaces for the most environmentally sensitive individuals; and chemical decontamination lines FAST-ACT® and ChemKlenz® for hazmat, military, and first responder safety applications.

Timilon is always expanding the technology’s capabilities through new application development to apply the technology in new ways and make environments, products, and people safer and more effective through the utilization of our patented technology.

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