Corrosive Dry Wall

Corrosive drywall is affecting over one hundred thousand homes in 38 states with a toxic chemical and odor problem caused by 500 million pounds of “Chinese” or corrosive drywall. The drywall is now emitting hazardous sulfur-containing chemicals that are corroding air handling systems, plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances and is being blamed for numerous health problems.

OdorKlenz provides a whole home approach to restore structures completely and successfully. Hundreds of homes have been salvaged due to OdorKlenz technology. The OdorKlenz Process begins to capture and neutralize CDW-associated corrosive gasses immediately, at their source, dramatically reducing characteristic corrosive drywall odors within days.

Read a National Science Foundation Article on OdorKlenz Decontaminating Dangerous Drywall 

Whether you’re living with corrosive drywall now or your home is under remediation, the OdorKlenz Process is the scientifically and field proven, non-toxic choice for the rapid, convenient, and cost-effective restoration of indoor air quality. OdorKlenz addresses chemical pollutants in all phases of remediation of a CDW compromised home.

Optimize Outcomes


Dramatic odor reduction in under ten days. Simply insert an OdorKlenz cartridge in your existing air system, no special equipment required. Hazardous chemicals are removed from the circulating air, irreversibly captured, and destroyed by OdorKlenz’s advanced NanoActive® chemistry. For even more rapid odor reduction, use OdorKlenz products to remove residual chemicals from carpet, linens, and other washable fabrics.


Replace the OdorKlenz air cartridge monthly to maintain livability of your home. Continued use stabilizes and maintains indoor air quality and comfort and limits further corrosion of metals – wiring, plumbing, appliances, jewelry, and electronics.


Insist that your contractor apply OdorKlenz Structural Surface Treatment before installing new drywall to adsorb and neutralize residual CDW contaminants. OdorKlenz for structural surfaces provides a long lasting, active barrier to surfaces (wood, CMU block, concrete) that were in contact with or close proximity to corrosive drywall.

Process Assurance

NanoScale assists homeowners in taking a comprehensive, standardized, and scientific approach to removing CDW-associated pollutants.

OdorKlenz Air Mitigation Advantage

  • Convenient and proven effective in CDW homes
  • Works in your existing air system – no other equipment costs
  • Safe and green – natural earth minerals, non-toxic, non-corrosive, benign byproducts
  • Neutralizes indoor air pollutants – irreversibly captures and destroys corrosive gasses and hazardous chemical compounds
  • Limits further corrosion of metals and reduces unpleasant and noxious odors
  • Does not add other chemicals to indoor air to mask odor
  • Equally effective against odors of daily living – tobacco smoke, pets, food, cooking odors, and more
  • No need to move out or rush to a decision regarding the long-term remediation of your home

OdorKlenz Structural Surface Treatment Advantage

  • Optimizes the outcome of remediation by establishing an active, protective barrier on potentially contaminated structural building materials.
  • Immediate surface decontamination – irreversibly captures and destroys residual CDW-associated chemical pollutants.
  •  Prevents corrosion of metals and recurrence of CDW-associated unpleasant and noxious odors.
  • Safe and green – natural earth minerals, non-toxic, non-corrosive, benign byproducts.  No extraordinary handling or disposal precautions.
  • Aids in protecting workers from hazardous chemical exposure during remediation.
  • Visual affirmation of application to exposed surfaces.
  • Proven effective in CDW homes.

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