OdorKlenz Testimonials

Eliminating Home Odors

“Just wanted to follow up with you about the clean smelling carpet in the stairway! …the carpet looks newer and is odor-free! Thank you… it has made a huge difference in the quality of life in the living room!”

Helen W.

“After seventeen years experience in the cleaning business, I have found OdorKlenz treatment effectiveness’ far beyond normal chemical process capabilities currently available to the professional carpet cleaning industry.”

Dan K.
Carpet Cleaning Professional

Cleaning Up Spills and Odor

“We tried the [OdorKlenz] product at all 9 of our elementary schools in Manhattan. Faculty members found it was far superior to our current product. They were able to contain the vomit spill, completely neutralize the odor, and easily clean up the remaining dry material.”

John Maberry
Director of Plant Facilities, Kansas U.S.D. 383

“[OdorKlenz] worked great! It cleaned up so easy and there was no smell. I just sprinkled it on and cleaned it up with a dust pan and broom and vacuumed up the little bit that was left. I would definitely use it again, it is a whole lot easier than what we have been doing to clean up vomit.”

Susan A.

“So, we had the unfortunate opportunity of using the [OdorKlenz] last night. It worked great.”

Shina M.

Eliminating Pet Odor

“I used OdorKlenz Skunk Odor Eliminator on my hunting dog. It worked better and faster than anything else I’ve tried. I won’t go hunting without it.”

Jeff H.

“The pet stuff worked good… my baby had no smell at all after her bath … she just smelled like nothing! It was cold when I put it on her so she didn’t like that, but it worked good … I will use it again if a skunk gets her ever again!!! Thank you!”

L. Bennett.

“Our Golden Retriever had an unplanned meeting with a momma skunk and her babies and we used your product and we could have him back in bed with us! Thanks so much!!!”

Jane H.