OdorKlenz-Air® Features & Benefits

OdorKlenz-Air® is a noninvasive odor restoration process used by contractors after fires, floods, sewer back-ups, natural disasters, and refinishing applications to rapidly restore indoor air quality.

ProfinisherThe OdorKlenz-Air® Cartridges install in portable air scrubbers (air filtration devices) or dehumidifiers, to treat the odor-polluted air as it passes through the system. Since the process removes and destructively adsorbs airborne odor-causing molecules and retains them inside the cartridge, it is safer and greener than other odor treatment methods which generate or release chemicals and fragrances into the environment.

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rapid_resultsOdorKlenz-Air® can be quickly deployed and used throughout the entire restoration process. Since the process is safe enough to work in, and even live around, it can be deployed on every odor-compromised job site, often allowing Customers to remain in their homes. Each cartridge lasts 7-10 days with most of the results noticed in the first 3 days!

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profitableOdorKlenz-Air provides many benefits to the contractor, end customer, and the insurance company involved in every disaster. The non-invasive process yields significant cost savings and worker/client safety benefits, potentially saving your adjuster’s significant expenses. Incorporating OdorKlenz-Air® can reduce additional living expenses (ALE), loss ratio, and total job time so claims close faster. As an Xactimate line item, OdorKlenz-Air® offers standardized pricing for billing, providing a guaranteed return.

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