OdorKlenz-Air® Applications

The disaster restoration market consists of several segments in which the OdorKlenz-Air cartridge and its non-invasive odor restoration process can yield significant benefits. These segments include but are not limited to fire restoration, water restoration, reconstruction, and finishing.

  • Fires
  • Flooding
  • Natural Disasters
  • Trauma
  • 2 sizes available
  • Water loss
  • Category 2 & 3
  • Must & Mildew
  • 4 sizes available
  • Painting
  • Refinishing
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical
  • 2 sizes available

Process and Best Practices

  1. Locate odor source(s) or areas that have a strong odor
  2. Evaluate the area being treated to determine the recommended number of OdorKlenz-Air cartridges needed.
  3. Remove the OdorKlenz-Air cartridge from the packaging just prior to use. Once a cartridge has been removed from the plastic bag, it will begin absorbing odors.
  4. Place the OdorKlenz-Air cartridge(s) into the air scrubber(s) or dehumidifier(s). a pre-filter maybe used in heavy soot or high particulate conditions. Place a system in close proximity to the source of the odor (or where the source was located) and in areas of highest odor contamination.
  5. Turn on the air scrubber or dehumidifier as per unit’s operational manual. Since the ODorKlenz-Air cartridge does not release chemicals, it is safe to use around sensitive fabrics, plants, pets and people without any special precautions.

These additional steps may be taken to improve odor elimination results. Source odor removal/direct deodorization is always required for complete odor control.

  • Remove filters from furnace, heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. These filters trap odor residues and restrict full circulation of air.
  • Seal off any openings or ducts leading to areas that you do not wish to treat; and conversely, open or remove interior doors, passages, trap doors, cabinets, lockers, ceiling tiles, access panels that may be blocking access to effected areas.
  • Allow the system (air scrubber or dehumidier with OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge) to run for the duration of the job.
  • Odor improvements can be observed within minutes and hours. The total job time is dependent upon odor concentration, treatment area, source odor treatment procedure success, and environmental conditions.
  • Remove the odor-causing source if possible. If not, neutralize the odor source using cleaning or direct deodorization processes after the OdorKlenz-Air Cartridges have been deployed.