Disaster Restoration Testimonials


“I am very impressed with OdorKlenz as are the restoration companies who have purchased your cartridges. In one situation, the odor was so bad in the homeowner’s house that he had headaches. Within 30 minutes of setting up your cartridge, his headache was gone. This is a very effective tool & a time saver allowing technicians to begin their work almost immediately without waiting for odors to dissipate thru methods that are more invasive or harmful such as ozone or Hydroxyl. This should be in every restoration companies ‘odor tool box’!”

Bob Kilroy – Interlink Supply

Fire“I was asked to restore a really bad fire scene at a one-story, 5,000 square foot home. There was significant plastic and nylon odor damage and you couldn’t even stay in the home for more than a few seconds. I used one Phoenix 2000 CFM machine with a 24-inch OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge. After just one day, there was a huge difference and we could actually spend time in the home to begin source clean up. I ran the machine for the rest of the week and the odor was completely gone. I much prefer the OdorKlenz –Air Cartridge to both ozone and thermal fogging due to the potential airborne contamination from each and the speed with which the Cartridge works.”

Jerry Averill – Montgomery, AL

“A liquor store was damaged by fire and smoke throughout the 1,200 square foot building. An air scrubber with an OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge was placed in the damaged area for 2-3 hours. After 2 ½ hours, I could not believe the odor had been eliminated completely. We were very impressed.”

Charles Kiesel – Memphis, TN

“New products come and go with various claims and I am a true skeptic. Once I used the OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge and witnessed the results for myself during a protein fire, I instantly became a true believer. It really works.” 

Ron Unk – Akron, OH

“I’ve had them on three fires so far. The first being a light smoke. However there were health concerns and allergy concerns. The adjuster really liked the idea of not using ozone and keeping the people in the house. We ran it [OdorKlenz-Air] for three days. We had no hint of an odor afterward. Homeowners and adjuster very impressed. The second, was also light with allergy concerns. Got the smell out and even with his sensitivity didn’t notice any lingering smell. Homeowner was very impressed. The third fire was very heavy. We ran two air scrubbers for three days. No hint of an odor.

DR Provider – Pearland, TX


“A basement was filled with 1-inch deep sewage. The smell was the worst I’ve experienced in my history with ServiceMaster Clean. The air scrubber with an OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge ran for 3 hours. We met the Customer upstairs and to their satisfaction and our surprise, the odor was gone. It far outperforms any other filter. It just works.”

Don McNerney – Memphis, TN

“7-10 days after death, a body was located in a 10×10 cinder block dorm room. The air scrubber with an OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge ran for 2-3 days while materials from the room were removed. The representative for the building reluctantly came to inspect and was very pleased when no odor was detected and the room was ready for use again.”

Charles Kiesel – Memphis, TN

“A woman in a house next door noticed a horrible smell outside and called the fire department. They found a 7-day old suicide scene in the home. The fire department personnel had to don their SCBA gear in order to remove the body. The A/C was not on in 95+ degree heat and the odor was completely unbearable. I started running the OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge, cleaned out the source contamination, and within 2 days, the odor was totally gone from the apartment. You have my thanks for an excellent product that makes our business more profitable and better yet our service unmatched by anyone or anything. Thanks guys!!”

Jimmie Gentry – Rome, GA

“Just used the new [OdorKlenz-Air Cartridges] on our HEPA scrubbers for two jobs. One was a boiler fire in a Surgery Center (plastic/rubber odor) and the other was a skunk odor in a residence. They worked great!

DR Provider – South Sioux City, NE

“We did use them at a fire in a local high school. Due to [OdorKlenz-Air] they were able to have the students back in the building within 24 hours of installation. We were extremely impressed and so was the School Board, who had been there before we placed the equipment. They could not believe that the odor was gone!”

DR Provider – Mentor, OH

“We had a fire/smoke job with moderate smoke on the main floor and light smoke in the basement. We placed a large air scrubber in the basement with the usual charcoal filter & odor blocks at the exhaust. We placed a small air scrubber upstairs with the [OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge]. Ran them over the weekend. The [cartridge] did a much better job of removing the odor, even though we didn’t mask with odor blocks on the small scrubber.”

DR Provider – Indianapolis, IN

“A fire broke out near a homeowner’s furnace and some heating oil burned and smelled up the house horribly. I used OdorKlenz Air and it did a great job of eliminating the odor.”  

DR Provider – Mechanicsville, MD

“There was a fire in a large church that was 16,000 square feet with 50 foot ceilings. I used 3 of the 24” cartridges in my bigger scrubbers and ran them for the whole week while we were cleaning. They worked great.”

DR Provider – Daytona Beach, FL