What is a CigarIf you have ever been inside of a cigar lounge or cigar bar than you will know what it’s like to be accosted by the potent smell of cigar smoke hanging in the small enclosed space of the commercial environment. Cigars come in a variety of sizes, types, and flavors that will all contribute to an impact on the environment in which this tobacco product is smoked inside of such as a cigar lounge. Inside of a cigar lounge commercial space, the odors and smoke are magnified times 100, as there are many individuals within this small enclosed area that are enjoying the ability to smoke their newly purchased cigars. However, when the accumulation of cigar chemicals and smoke fill the space of this commercial environment it can significantly impact the indoor air quality in this space and potentially the health of those Customers who are exposed to this business environment.

In this article we are going to discuss more about cigar lounge commercial spaces – how the accumulated cigar smoke impacts the environment, the health of those exposed, and the best solutions to integrate into the enclosed space to filter and improve the indoor air.

What is a Cigar?

A cigar is a popular tobacco product that is used by many Americans each and every day. According to Tobacco Free Kids a new study found that 17.4 million U.S. adults smoke cigars. This type of tobacco product is defined as a roll of tobacco that is wrapped in leaf tobacco or in a substance that contains tobacco. Historically speaking, cigars are a favored tobacco product amongst most older men who partake in the enjoyment of smoking these products, however, this has changed over recent years. The cigar industry trends have swayed as they have increased the marketing of these tobacco products to more adolescents, which has led to the increase in younger adults’ usage of cigars.

An interesting fact to learn about cigars is that one cigar may contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes, this blows the theory that cigars are better than cigarettes out of the water – disproving it completely. A single cigarette usually has about less than a gram of tobacco, and in comparison, a single cigar may contain as much as 5 to 17 grams of tobacco.

What is a Cigar Made Of

The cigars that are sold at and smoked inside of a cigar lounge or bar are usually composed of three types of tobacco leaves; the wrapper, the binder, and the filler. These three components to the cigar are highly important and can affect the overall quality of the cigar. Below we are going to break down these three important components of a cigar and what is used in each of these to make a good quality cigar.

  1. What is a Cigar Made OfWrapper: A cigar wrapper is usually formed with tobacco leaves that gives the cigar its public face. These wrappers can come in a variety of different shades and will ultimately contribute to both the cigar’s taste and its burn. The tobacco wrappers are stretched onto the cigar in a manner that protects the cigar from leaking seams.
  2. Filler: The filler of a cigar is the tobacco that has the most effect on the strength of the cigar. The leaves for the cigar filter are taken from all different parts of the tobacco plant – with the base of the plant providing light flavor, the center come with mild flavor, and the crown of the plant leaves have a richer flavor. All of the tobacco leaves must go through a curing, fermentation, and aging process before they are used inside of a cigar.
  3. Binder: The leaves that are used as the binders around the filler are formed by bunching them together. The lead used as the binder will need its central vein removed, creating two separate halves. The binder leaf is therefore best if it comes from the base or low middle of the plant.

Difference Between Cigar and Cigarette

There has long been a debate over the differences between a cigar and a cigarette – as many say that a cigar is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco as the key denominator between the two smoking products – and the big difference between the two of them are the materials that are used to wrap the tobacco product. Cigars, as we discussed previously, they are wrapped in tobacco leaves, whereas a cigarette is wrapped in tobacco paper or another material that does not contain tobacco. Additionally, cigars are different in size from that of a cigarette, the barrel of the cigar is more than double the size of a cigarette which will allow the cigar to last longer when smoked and will hold more tobacco that its closely related competitor of cigarettes.

Cigar Lounges and Room Air Filtration System

One of the biggest problems that cigar lounges and other cigar bars have faced over the last few years is the struggle to control and mitigate those chemicals and smoke odors that are plaguing the environment with potentially high levels. There are usually a number of people that will occupy the space of a cigar lounge and help to fill the environment with these large levels of tobacco smoke in the air. These higher concentrations of cigar smoke will typically require the use of air filtration and ventilation systems in the indoor space – particularly the popular use of air purifiers in this type of an environment. These smoke eating air purifiers will work to effectively mitigate and remove the smoke and odors from the airspace of the cigar lounge or cigar bar instantaneously while the smoke is being emitted into the air from patrons.

Additionally, indoor ventilation will be increased throughout the space to help filter out and remove the excess smoke from the indoor space, particularly when it is found in abundance in the airspace. In these types of cigar lounge commercial spaces, how long can you expect for the smoke to last in the environment and which is the best air commercial air purifier for cigar smoke in a cigar lounge?

 Indoor Commercial Cigar Air Purifier

When it comes down to selecting a quality, efficient indoor commercial cigar air purifier the options can be plentiful. The different commercial air purifier options that are available today are abundant and thus it makes it difficult to determine which is actually the best air purifier for this commercial environment. The EnviroKlenz Technology is a great choice when it comes to integrating and securing an indoor commercial cigar air purifier in your cigar lounge business. The proprietary earth mineral technology utilized by EnviroKlenz offers the capability to capture, contain, and neutralize a broad spectrum of noxious and toxic odors and chemicals from the air – including those that are produced from tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes that are spread into an indoor air space (cigar lounges and cigar bars).

EnviroKlenz Air PurifierEnviroKlenz offers a revolutionary, non-invasive, odor elimination process that can rapidly restore an odor-compromised environment such as one that has higher concentrations of tobacco smoke in the air like a cigar lounge or bar. The patented EnviroKlenz technology has been engineered into air filtration products that include efficient HVAC filters for any air handling system, along with a stand-alone air purifier that can be portably moved throughout an indoor environment. The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier contains a two-stage filtration process that will work in conjunction to provide a high level of air filtration in the indoor environment – including the ability to filter noxious and toxic chemicals and odors, fine particulate matter, and allergens. The first-stage filtration in the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is the patented EnviroKlenz earth mineral technology that works to capture, contain, and neutralize those airborne chemicals and odors within the EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge. The second-stage filtration is a hospital-grade HEPA filter that works to capture and remove fine particulate matter from the air that is larger than 0.3 microns in size at a 99.99 percent efficiency. These two stages of filtration held within this air purifier will work to create a well-rounded air filtration product for any odor-compromised commercial environment like that of a cigar bar or cigar lounge.